Awareness of Poverty through Art

Every month, the Downtown Jacksonville Public Library changes up their exhibitions on local art. This month brought awareness of poverty. Local artists of Jacksonville have the opportunity to display their vision of homelessness and people living in poverty through their artwork. The best part about this particular display is that one it gives attention and recognition to artists who are trying to make a name for themselves. Two, it educates visitors on the issues over poverty that is heavy in our city.


The cardboard info art was a nice touch to the collection because it gave facts to homelessness that is evident not only in our city but in other cities just as significant as Jacksonville. The facts touch upon LGBT teens, Veterans, and ordinary citizens who are driven into homelessness.



Keith Doles’ paintings were my favorite because of the realism. I don’t know much about artwork and I couldn’t write a art piece critique even if I tried, but his work is astounding. He paintings reflect the livelihood of living in Jacksonville whether good or bad. He is one artist we should definitely look into. Check out his portfolio on his personal website.

Chamblin Bookmine: More than a Hole-in-a-Wall

Years ago when I was a student at Florida State College of Jacksonville, I was told about Chamblin Bookmine , a bookstore packed wall to wall with new and used books. It is very possible that you can find exactly what you’re looking for (unless it’s brand new). If you don’t, I guarantee you’ll find something very close.
Though the store seems to serve as a giant fire hazard because of the lack of windows and doors, the coolest thing is the ominous feel of it. There are bookshelves stuffed with books everywhere you turn.  Some aisles become so narrow, you literally have to turn sideways in order to get through. With so much inventory, it’s possible that you’ll have to dodge boxes, chairs, books, and people in order to get where you’re going.
Another positive would be the opportunity to make a few bucks off of your used books. Chamblin will buy your books from you. You have the choice to either get full store credit or take a 40% deduction on the book’s value if you want cash back.
Chamblin Bookmine is an absolute treasure if you’re looking for a book that isn’t currently resting at Barnes and Noble or Books-a-Million. Do more than just search for a book, explore the aisles, you’ll be surprised what you may find. If you’re in town, check out Chamblin Bookmine on Roosevelt Blvd behind the Bank of America bank.

Using Creativity on the Rainy Days

Rain can put a definite damper on your day outside in the open wildness of nature. But why should rain stop you from being productive at your work?

I had plans to get out on my day off from both of my jobs and go somewhere new. Since I’m low on cash until payday, I just wanted a day with me, my camera, and a lot of batteries. The first thing I saw when I get home was “rain” in the forecast for tomorrow. Honestly, I’m was hoping the weatherman was wrong like most days.

Though these ruined plans make me sad, I figured I could fill the void by finding something travel related to help me keep sharp on my tasks. On the image/website sharing website Pinterest, I found an idea with journaling (specifically travel journaling). I found a lot of links that show you different ways to design up your own traveling journal. Honestly, these were much more attractive compared to printing photos and sticking them in photo album books. Travel journaling gave me a way to be creative in a different way. I get to tell my story in my own words and have fun.

Doing a travel journal not only gave me a way to be productive, but it inspired new ideas. Now I look at the pages and think, “what would make a really cool presentation in my journal?” The inspiration pushes you to look for cooler destinations so that one day someone would really envy you and your work.


If you already have Pinterest, then you know the beauty and the massive amount of ideas you can get from any project you want to produce. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, then I would highly recommend becoming acquainted with the site. You won’t regret it.