Welcome to Dungeness Ruins

One of the highlights of Cumberland island, besides the amazing horses, are the Dungeness Ruins. You can approach the ruins from many trail paths but what fun would that be? I prefer going right through the front gate.

I try to use my imagination every time I visit. I pretend I am coming to visit the tenants of the mansion. I stroll up through the stone gates and browse around at the massive front yard. I’d imagine workers tending to the yard keeping the place looking posh and neatly. I imagine approaching the large building awaiting my invite to tea. I take a detour around the side and gaze through the iron gates, there is a courtyard decked out with a fountain and bold blooms overfilling every flowerpot. There are proper small children playing chase and tag, a governess nearby steady clapping her hands telling the children not to play so rough.


I continue on the fence to the ever-expanding back yard. It is a dream how it stretches to the edge of the island with the Atlantic waiting just beyond the shore. The grass is healthy and bright green. Horses graze gracefully on the grass. Turkeys stroll in packs as they make for the cover of the distant forest. I stand there a moment taking in the ocean of green and nothing else feels better than this.

Suddenly, the the perfect home disappears. I am left with decaying bricks and a fallen home. The horses remain, the grass continues to sparkle, but the life is gone. The children’s voices fill my head, but they are gone until I see them again as I cross the yard to the family grave.

Squares of Imagination


I recall a project that was starting at Jacksonville’s downtown library project with little squares given to children to decorate and design. At first, I thought it was just another little fun thing the library does to involve children more into the world of art. It wasn’t until I walked into the entrance door and looked up at this masterpiece.

The Squares of Imagination project had evolved into something more than a summer camp project. It was now the centerpiece of the four-story building. Each square tells its own story with its own unique design. The artist could use any medium necessary to make their message clear. Because the boxes scaled several feet up the wall, I was unable to capture some excellent ones that were also high up. Being 5’4″ will do that to you. Ha. Ha.








The squares are decorative and beautiful. It’s amazing what lives in the mind, isn’t it?