Cumberland Island Horses, Feral and Free

What is it like to live in the arms of nature with no one to answer to and to be protected from all the predators of the wild? Ask the feral horses of Cumberland Island of the coast of St. Mary’s Georgia.

deer 2

I have visited Cumberland Island twice and it amazes me to see horses that answer to themselves and roam around in the wild as they should be. Cumberland Island is only partially developed but mostly abandoned. The horses can roam anywhere from the grass fields at the center of the island to the beautiful beaches surrounding the island.

Before visitors can visit the island (by ferry only), they are required to attend a short orientation about the rules of the island which including taking unauthorized artifacts from the island and staying far away from the feral horses and wild turkeys.


The horses stay on the island their entire lives unless removed for specific purposes. During the summer seasons you can see all the new ponies coming out with their mothers. It’s also mating season so the male horses will be more active than usual as they try to find their true loves.

The horses favorite areas to graze and socialize in would be the massive lawns of the Dungeness ruins. If your soul purpose to visit the island is to see these beauties, go straight for the ruins, this is where you will find most of them. Other’s will be exploring in abandoned parts of the island.




Dungeness Ruins

These horses have spent generations on the island and probably wouldn’t prefer it any other way. If you visit, take your photos, marvel at their magnificence but keep your distance. They love their home, let’s let them continue to love it. For a more in-depth insight and education to the horse on the island, visit Cumberland Island’s official page¬†on the National Park Service website.