Travel Art: Turn Your Travel Photos into Photoshop Art

The beauty of digital photography today is the endless possibilities of creation you can make with a photo taken with a digital camera. Ever since I was little, I always loved the way photos could be manipulated to be something other than what they originally are. Unlike photos on film or polaroids, digital photos can become anything the imagination wants it to be. Want your photo to be black and white? CLICK! One click on a filter and it is done. God bless the Digital Age, right?

I use Google Photos to back up my travel photos because of the unlimited storage and the ease to share, edit, and create photo projects all in one place while still being connected to my other Google Apps. Also, it’s convenient to be able to log into any device or computer and have access to my photos. Anyway, I was browsing through my albums of all the places I’ve been and thought I could change up a couple of these photos to make them a little more fun, while preserving the originals of course. Besides, I have an Associates Degree in Digital Media and photoshop has always been my addiction so why not!

Colorful Heights
COLORFUL HEIGHTS – Tybee Island Lighthouse | Tybee Island, GA, 2017
Golden Skies
GOLDEN SKIES – Dames Pointe Bridge | Jacksonville, FL, 2017
Ruins Against the Sky
RUINS AGAINST THE SKY – Cumberland Island | St. Marys, GA 2017
Through the Brush
THROUGH THE BRUSH – Alexander Springs Recreation Area | Altoona, FL 2018
Winged Messenger
WINGED MESSENGER – Riverside Memorial Park | Jacksonville, FL, 2018
Costal Grave
COSTAL GRAVE – Big Talbot Island State Park | Jacksonville, FL 2017

Because my Macbook Pro doesn’t have a CD drive, I haven’t been able to install my photoshop software onto my mac, but I do use the amazing PIXLR website, a free photo editing software. I’ve used it to design birthday cards, film posters, business cards, and other advertisements and projects. The mobile app is slightly better because it has more artistic filters you can use. For example, the photo below was done through the mobile app. Only the mobile app has the “painter’s” filter such as brushstrokes, watercolor, acrylic painting filters. (NOTE: Pixlr works best through Google Chrome, Safari causes it to crash and freeze up.)

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10
Pixlr mobile app, watercolor filter

If you’re looking to have a little fun to share on your social media pages, try out Pixlr. It’s easy to use and fun. On the website, you can use two different versions, the EXPRESS for easy filters, borders, text, and stickers. Or you can use EDITOR where you can design your photos by layer (usually for those who knows in depth about photoshop).

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.52.07 PM

Let the creation begin!