Travel Break: Small Car, Big World Pinterest Project

The day I discovered Pinterest was the day I truly lived. In fact, on one of my Instagram accounts, I labeled myself as a “Pinterest junkie” in my bio section. Since COVID-19 has everyone self-quarantined, Pinterest has been my primary source of entertainment. Every day I’m discovering new projects to take part in. So far, I’ve done everything from spray painted mason jars, to designing watercolor bookmarks.



In my search for something new to do, I came across a photo of a tiny vintage car sitting on a beach shore. It was clearly a photoshop project, but the photography was stunning. The artist manipulated the image to make it seem like somehow the car fits perfectly into the big world. I just had to try this. I ran to Walmart and luckily found a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. The next day I headed to Sister’s Creek and took some really great shots. The objective is to use the right camera angles to show the car somehow being a part of the bigger atmosphere. Yes, the scale will be evident, but that’s part of the fun! I spent an hour walking around and taking shots of the car on different surfaces doing different things. The results are fantastic!


My friend, Maddy, also made great use of her time indoors. She’s taken an interest in building things from scratch using whatever wood boards she could find. Her recent project includes a bookshelf, a new dog bowl holder, and shelves for her succulent plants.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.08.45 AM

My other friend Jheanel, has taken up with painting and colored pencil drawings during her quarantine life!

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.27.41 AM

It is the amazing things that come from boredom. Commercials of people all over the world, creating ways to stay connected, show our infinite creative abilities. Hopefully, when this virus finally goes away, we can continue to be just as innovative. I know I will. Pinterest is in my blood and isn’t going anywhere!

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 12.03.09 AM


Search “small car photography” on Pinterest to see more cool small car photography.

A Day by the River

The rain was on the way over the “River City.” One to be seated on a stone wall overlooking downtown Jacksonville and the whole of the city along the St. John’s River has been a site I’ve come to love and enjoy. In fact, this particular location called Riverside Park has become my oasis. After four long ten-hour shifts at my warehouse job and hours on hours being around people, noise, and city life, I need the silence and natural beauty to fill me with peace.

In a previous post, I once talked about how my depression began years ago and one of the things that helped me deal with it was travel. By disappearing away from my everyday life and being somewhere where no one knows who I am or even cares help me to be able to sort out the mess in my head. Spending time in the scenic beauty is like a restart button. Riverside Park has become my new restart button. It is closer to home unlike my other getaway, the Fort George Inlet, and still delivers the same results.

Downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

In the beginning, whenever I visited this park, I would walk the entire boardwalk. This boardwalk is popular because you get to visit all the fun stops along the way. For example, you have easy access to the YMCA building off to the left-hand side without having to drive all the way around. You can climb the large hill that takes you over the FEC Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge where you can watch the trains travel across a double track over the river.

FEC Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge

From the bridge, it’s a straight shot to the Jacksonville Landing, one of the city’s gems.

With summer here, it’s far too hot most days to take that long stroll. Its perfect for all the joggers who like to jog back and forth. As for me, I simply sit underneath the pillars holding up the Fuller Warren Bridge and look out in both directions of the St. John’s River. On the weekends, the river is usually loaded with boats, yachts, and jet skis. If you catch it on a good day as I have, you simply enjoy the stillness and beauty of a river at low tide.

Pillars holding up the Fuller Warren Bridge

If I have enough time in my day and don’t feel like going home, I often take myself a drive around the city I already know well enough and try and see whatever else I can see. On this day I was able to capture the Hart Bridge in all its glory and capture some rain clouds creeping over the city ready to rain down on us.

Hart Bridge

Riverside Park is the place to be if you’re looking for a place to hold events or go for a stroll or jog, but it is my place to be when the world has become a little too much and I need to get away.

As always… find your adventure! ❤

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Under the Overpass

The past few days had been a downer for me. Only one way to describe it really… defeated. It didn’t help that after four long days at work with this mood hanging over my head, it was going to storm all day on my day off. Great. I was really looking forward to getting out and seeing some new horizon or beach. I watched the rain from my window and all I could think about was getting on that road away from the house, away from my “defeated” spirit. I thought, “To hell with this.” I packed up my Nikon and my headphones and was out the door.

What a drive! The wind was blowing as if a hurricane was trying to rip through the area. Large branches flying across my windshield, trees bending nearly 90 degrees, and if you looked off to the side, the waves were really stirring even at low tide. At first, I thought, “Maybe I should just go home,” but something kept me going. I gripped onto my steering wheel and tried my best to navigate out of the window at the car lights in front of me.

I made it to my favorite spot, Fort George Inlet. There’s an overpass where people can go under and get right at the water so they can fish or launch kayaks. I sat in the car as the rain and lighting beat over my head. All the other cars had left but I was determined to try and stick this out. I just wanted the rain to let up for just a few minutes to give me time to run to the overpass. I’d be safe then.

Low and behold, the rain slowed. I jumped out with my poncho and backpack and took off to the overpass. I made.


I walked around a bit with my music blaring in my ear. The wind felt nice, it was quiet and there was no one around so this deserted area became my playground.

I snapped photos of whatever I could (most of which didn’t make this blog post) just to pass the time. Suddenly, the rain just stopped. Nothing but clouds loomed. The hard wind had pushed clouds far out away from the inlet, that’s when the fun began.



I stayed for about two hours enjoying the weather (minus the rain), the view, the peace, and silence. By then, I had already forgotten my “defeated” feeling. None of it mattered. Even better, when I got back home, I didn’t feel that way anymore. Instead, I took a short nap and stayed up until nearly day breaking working on my crafting projects, writing projects, and other things I had lost such motivation in completing.


Feeling defeated is a horrible feeling. I lost a lot of time with things that could have been on a deadline, such as my writing, but then again life isn’t perfect and it will NEVER go the way you expect it to go. You just have to find that thing that can help take it all away and start over new. Whatever it is, find it. Who knew just taking photos under a lonely overpass would help get me back on track? But it did. That’s the point.

Discover. Heal. Restart.


Low Tide at Fort George Inlet

Fort George Inlet has been a favorite chill spot for me for nearly a year now. Its quiet, scenic and entertaining. On both sides of the bridge have the opportunity to fish, enjoy the water, jet ski and even just relax next to the huge boulders at the water’s edge.

It had to have been my lucky day that I was able to visit this area at low tide. At low tide, visitors are able to walk on the exposed island areas and collect whatever the water left behind. Across the water, beach goers are able to physically park their vehicles on the beach shore.

I didn’t have my swimsuit and no water sport gear so I just took the walk across the Huckster Dr. overpass, stood at the top and snapped photos of the area and all the activity that was happening in the inlet.

It was a beautiful day for getting out and I’m glad I did. The low tide made the view much more interesting and safer for kiddies to play in the water. Fort George Inlet is a great place for anything you want to do whether it be fishing, jet skiing or BBQ.


Image Source: Nikki Lee
Vehicles parked on beach. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Aerial view of the low tide. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Families camped on the shore. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Empty stream. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Empty Jet Skier racing through the inlet. Image Source: Nikki Lee
At the top of the Huckster Dr. overpass. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Waves and foam created by jet ski. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Woman looking for shells or artifacts exposed from low tide. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Jet Skier showing off his moves. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Two Jet Skiers having fun. Image Source: Nikki Lee
A jet skier racing through the inlet. Image Source: Nikki Lee
Fishermen waiting for the big catch.


Naval dock in the background. Image Source: Nikki Lee
A fishermen setting up his net. Image Source: Nikki Lee